Secondary Warning Lights

Sarco provides small size secondary warning light for vehicle use.
Sarco LED SWL-S type warning light use 8 power LED units which
makes it one of the brightest on a market.

This multiple usage light is available in many light colors and body
of light unit for all color normally used in emergency vehicles.
There are also possibility to choose your color by order. Light is
available with R65 class 1 and two 2 approvals and it can be used
with 8 different flash patterns and stationary mode.

Typical usage applications are emergency vehicles, boats, snowmobiles
and all-terrain vehicles.

0707 SWL- S Series

Height                                                       50 mm
Length                                                       125 mm
Depth                                                         21 mm
Weight                                                       160g

Features                                         Night and Day mode
.                                                      Master/Slave function
Operating voltage                         10V-32V DC
Power                                            25W during day mode
LED Colour Options                       Blue, Amber, Red, Green and White
Body Colour Options                     Black, White, Red and Blue
Mounting Options                         Surface and deck mounting can be in
.                                                     horizontal or vertical orientation Approvals

EMC: e17 030231  E 17 10R-03 0016 R65: E17 XB2 000003 E
17 XA2 000004 E 17 XB1 000009 E 17 XA1 000010

Type SWL- 16

Voltage                                    10V- 32V
Power                                         16x3W
Measures                          180 x 230 x 30 mm
Weight                                       650 gr

Visibility Angle 160°, Night and Day vision,
Master Slave function, 8 flash patterns

Color Options
Blue, Amber, Green and Red

Ordering codes

0808-BH01                         Blue horizontal
0808-BV01                          Blue vertical

LD 116 Advance

LD 116 is a compact, efficient and water-tight LED light. Mounting options Surface mounted or pedestal mounting in horizontal or vertical position


Operating voltage                                         10 to 30V
Dimensions                                         140mm x 125mm x 100mm
Weight                                                              0.5kg
Approvals                                                           R65

Order codes

2010673                                                 Blue LED, Blue Lens
2010674                                                 Yellow LED, Yellow lens

Surface mount adapters
2010263                                                 LD116-SB Surface Mount Adapter, Black
2010264                                                 LD116-SWB, corner mount adapter, black

Microled Advance

Microled advance is small size, powerful and water proof LED light for multiple usage.


Operating voltage                                           10- 30V
Measures                                                       106 x 46 x 25 mm
Weight                                                                   80g
Flashes                                                              8 options

Order codes

2010597                                            Blue light, clear smooth lens
2010596                                            Blue light, Blue lense
2010584                                            Amber light, clear smooth lens
2010589                                            Amber light, Amber lense



Impaxx Colours                     Blue, Yellow, Red and Clear
Dimensions                            89 mm x 33 mm x 36,5 mm
Operating voltage                                  10-30 V
Weight                                                         140g



IPX320- BH                                    Blue, Clear lense, black body
IPX322- AH                                    Yellow Clear lense, black body
IPXM- 1                                           Crome bezel for surface mounting


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