Speed Measurement

Radars for sports, leisure and various public events

Stalker Sport Radar is a high quality basic radar. Its technology is based on Doppler technology that is also used by police. It can handle ie. a moving tennisball, speeding car or even airplane. The radar is lightweight, easy to use, reliable and easy to connect to display devices, making it ideal for public events and training sessions.

Radars for professional use

Sarco Oy is the official representative of Stalker radars and Finland. We deliver a turnkey service for speed measurement equipment, including the creation of necessary reports to the appropriate authorities (in Finland). We also offer flexible maintenance and calibration services for the products.

Rental Radars & Packages

Two Sport Radar packages are availble

(Rental is possible only in Finland)

Stalker Sport Basic

Basic Sport Radar is best suited for situations when measuring individual objects, eg. Disk, ball speed of a car or a person. The device is widely used in sports clubs exercises, Cartinglines and a number of other situations.


Measurable targets Maximum distances:
• the car is more than 1,600 meters
• boats over 300 meters
• tennis ball over 90 meters

The device includes:
• the power supply handle with cigarette lighter socket
• calibrator
• Battery handle and charger to 230V and 12 V connection

PRICE incl. VAT:
• One day = 110 €
• Weekend = 170 €
• One week = 330 €

Sport D3 Sport – D3

The package is best suited for the situation where the need for a clear display of information to the public or trainees. The three-digit display shows clearly speeds up to 400 km. Battery Operation enables easy portability to there where equipment is needed.


The device includes:
• Carrying Case
• Sport Radar
• calibrator
• display board 49 x 28 cm with three digits, numbers height of 16 cm
• tripody
• Battery pack
Package runs 12 on battery.

PRICE incl. VAT:
• One day = 140 €
• Weekend = 200 €
• One week = 360 €