Stalker DSR 2X

  • Rear Traffic Alert Warning
  • Simultaneously Measures 2 to 4 Targets (rear and front)
  • VSS Patrol Speed Mode Can be connected to vehicles velocimeter which enables Radar pick up correct ground speed and automatic switch between stationary and moving modes
  • Direction Sensing Technology
  • Automatic Same-Lane Tracking
  • Stationary Direction Control (Closing, Going Away, or Both)
  • Strongest & Faster Targets Are Simultaneously Displayed
  • Strongest & Faster Targets Can Be Individually Locked
  • Voice Verification of Locked Targets
  • RFI Immune Digital Antennas
  • Backlit, Cordless IR Remote
  • RS-232 Output for car Computers and Video system
  • Optional Motorcycle Kit with water proof remoter control and display

R&TTE - Directive 1999/5/EC
Automotive EMC 72/245/EEC, 2004/104/EC, 2005/49/EC, 2005/83/EC, 2006/28/EC