The Quality Policy of Sarco Oy

The main goal of Sarco Oy is customer satisfaction. We aim to fill the needs and expectations of our customers and even exceed them. Customer satisfaction is maintained with flexible service and cost effective and quality products. We continuously develop our activities and products.

Sarco Oy produces and delivers products and services to its customers with demanded high quality and features accordant with customer’s needs. The products and services are also accordant with contracts and agreed time schedules.

We maintain product development, manufacturing and quality control resources in order to guarantee a good quality of products throughout their life cycle. Our security measures protect the personnel, property, information and undisturbed operation to ensure the realization of our goals. The availability of technical support, maintenance and spare parts is ensured in every circumstance.

We appreciate the professional skills, ability to cooperate and perseverance of both staff and partner in cooperation. Each person knows his or her own area of responsibility and is committed to follow it.

Constant development is one of our basic principles. We constantly develop our products, their manufacturing procedures and the professional skills of our staff. We constantly follow the development of the field of business and react quickly to changes. Each person is responsible for detecting errors, deviations in quality and needs of development immediately, so that the corrective actions can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Improving quality is everyone’s right and obligation. We make customer quality which is ready once it is made. Our activities are accordant with the quality system requirements and guidelines of ISO 9001 and AQAP-2110 standards.

We monitor the quality level of products and activities on a regular basis. Possible deviations are handled in quality work groups and corrective actions are implemented immediately. Customer complaints are handled as seriously as orders.

The products and the whole activity of the company are in unison with the guidelines of authorities and regulations.