Work Lights

By Sarco’s own production and design.
LED Based products made in Finland

0907 series work light

Sarco compact work light is suitable for many application.
Light has several mounting options. The light shell is made of anodized
aluminum and  withstand very harsh conditions.

Technical information

Voltage                                                                 12 / 24VDC,
Nominal power                                                       7.2 W
IP rating                                                      IP 68 1m 24 h (D tested)
Approvals                                      EMC / e17, E17 R10 / 03, IEC 60068-2-64
.                                                                             IEC 60068-2-27

Down load brochure Work light info

Only your imagination is the limits

Sarco work lights are also used in integrated complete solutions. Light output is sufficient for an alley light. Due to its size it can be accommodated, for example, inside alarm light unit. Thus placed in work light does not appear isturbingly out of the car and there are no need to make additional holes to the vehicle body for installation.

Work lights can also be installed to the rear spoiler wherein it is part of the package once installed. Light can also be found as solution for  reversing vehicle in the dark. installed  in the mirror, it illuminates the whole Car side section and the driver can notice when reversing if there is any small obstacles such as stones, etc. on a way.